Boonville High School Mission Statement

This is an annotated version of the Mission Statement of Boonville High School.  These items are what we believe we, as educators, must offer our students each and every day of their high school experience.

Bridging the Need
      Implementing IEPs
      Utilizing Interventions
      Offering Tutoring (before/after school, during IRP)
      Encouraging Lunch/Textbook Assistance Program
      Making School Supplies Available
      Accessing the Clothing Bank
      Addressing Hygiene Issues
      Hosting an On-site Social Worker
      Administering the P-KOM Program

Helping to Succeed
Lifelong skills:
      Digital Communications Tools
      Personal Finance
      Attendance & Punctuality
      Health & Hygiene
Lifelong interests
      Lifetime Sports
      FACS & Business & Tech & Theater
      Classroom & Beyond skills
            Real-world experiences across the curriculum
                        Patoka Lake, Softball Shelter, Shadow Project, Baby Think It Over
      Varied and Challenging Curriculum
            Teacher recommendations and guidance encourage students to challenge themselves

Striving to Lead
Leadership Opportunities in Student Clubs
SAT / ACT / PSAT / PLAN / ASVAB available and emphasized
Career & Tech Center Programs
AP Class Availability
Dual-Credit Class Availability
Technology Usage in the Classroom and in Student Work
Athletics and Extracurricular