Mr. Beifield - PE

Welcome!! My program offers a selection of activities which serve to promote teamwork, cooperation, motor skill development, physical fitness, knowledge of game rules and strategies, and appreciation of the importance of exercise to improve healthy living. These activities range from team to individual; competitive to recreational.

To aid in the monitoring of each student’s physical fitness level, a variety of tests and measurements are taken from the beginning of the semester and compared to the results from the end of the semester. The basis for these tests comes from the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge. The results of all the fitness tests are issued to the students at the end of each semester.

Physical Fitness Testing
  • Pull-ups, Shuttle Run, Mile Run, Curl-ups, Sit n' Reach, Vertical Jump


  • report all injuries to Mr. Bielefeld
  • if you are unable to participate, a written excuse must be provided from your parent or doctor stating the date when you will be out of P.E. and the date you will be able to return to P.E.
  • you must participate even if you forget your clothes
  • showers are optional; (you must provide your own towel)
  • no necklaces, watches, bracelets, hanging earrings, etc.

Study Guides


Basketball Heart Rate & Workload Recreational Games
Fitness Outline Nutrition Outline Softball
Flag Football Personal Activity Log Volleyball
Floor Hockey Personal Trainer WS Weight Training
Football Math Pickle Ball  
Football Passing Tree Pillo Polo  


Your grades will be based on:

50% participation 25% written tests 25% skill tests

92 - 100 = A 72 - 76 = C
90 - 91 = A- 70 - 71 = C-
87 - 89 = B+ 67 - 69 = D+
82 - 86 = B 62 - 66 = D
80 - 81 = B- 60 - 61 = D-
77 - 79 = C+ 59 or below = F