Curt Uebelhor - Art

Students will design and color a cover for their sketchbook using their name and images that relate to them.

Art is taught at the eighth grade level. Students take it for one semester. A variety of media, techniques, and art styles are covered with hands-on projects. Art history, art appreciation, and art criticism are taught in the classroom using video, slide, and computer presentations.

Students are required to bring a pencil to class every day. If you need to reach me my email address is and my prep time is 12:35-1:20.


Self Portrait with collage border.

Students will draw and then paint a self-portrait, draw and paint a background scene and they will finish the artwork using collage materials as a border.



A daily assignment is writing down the information about the artist of the day.

A daily assignment is recording the information about the artist of the day and their artwork. Students write this information in their agenda book which is turned in for a grade twice a grading period. The information must be complete and written neatly