Athletic Counsel Club Information

Athletic Council make-up

  1. 2 members from each of the 19 sports
  2. 2 members from the chargerettes and cheerleaders
  3. Members are selected by head coaches
  4. One Junior and One Senior will represent each team or group
  5. If no seniors or juniors are on a team, sophomores can be used
  6. Athletic director, athletic secretary and principal will attend
  7. An Executive board will be elected at the may meeting. This board will consist of two juniors and two seniors. The board will be voted on by the membership present at the may meeting.

Meeting Schedule

  1. Athletic council will meet once a month
  2. All meetings will be held during regular school ECA periods
  3. A printed agenda will be used for each meeting
  4. The Executive boards will meet once a week prior to each meeting
  5. The Executive boards will help the A.D. set the meeting agenda

Meeting Ground Rules

  1. No discussion of personalities and personality conflicts
  2. No "Badmouthing" of coaches, athletes or other teams

Suggested Discussion Topics

  1. Discussion of Castle H.S. athletic rules and policies
  2. Discussion of Warrick Co. schools rules and policies
  3. Discussion of ISHAA and SIAC conference rules and policies
  4. Ideas from athletes for improvement of athletic program
  5. Discussion of gender equity issues
  6. Discussion of sportsmanship issues
  7. Discussion of financial issues
  8. Discussion of NCAAA and recruiting issues
  9. Discussion of hall of fame issues

Club Sponsor: Mrs. Leah Roop