Castle High Guidance - College Prep Information

Importance of Curriculum

In planning for college, it is critical that the importance of the curriculum is realized. There are a number of considerations when a college looks at a transcript of a high school student. One of the first factors evaluated is the level of coursework taken along with the success in that level of course.

Entrance Tests

Familiarize yourself with the entrance tests that are required at the colleges you are considering attending. SAT and ACT are the two admissions tests that are used most frequently. It is recommended that you take one of each of these tests the spring of your junior year. Additionally, universities may require you to take the SAT Subject Tests.

For more information visit for the SAT and for the ACT.

College Representatives

Numerous college representatives visit Castle High School throughout the year. These representatives make presentations to prospective students during ECA period on Thursday mornings. Listen to the morning announcements to hear upcoming dates. Additionally, Mrs. Elaman, Scholarship Coordinator, includes these dates in the Guidance Newsletter.

College Fair

In late September/October, the Greater Evansville College Fair is held on the campus of University of Southern Indiana. This is an excellent place to gather information on colleges, talk to college representatives, and get other college related information. Juniors are strongly encouraged to attend—junior year is not too early to begin the college search process.

College Visitations

I would encourage juniors to visit colleges and open houses. Spring break of your junior year or unused snow make-up dates are great opportunities to visit a campus, talk with the admissions office, see a dorm room, sit in on a class, and talk with the financial aid office. Some campuses even have overnight weekends to get the feel of the campus.