French Club Information

Description of the club:
Students currenlty enrolled in a French class at Castle High School have the oppurtunity to participate in French Club. Also, anyone who has successfully completed one year or more of French study is eligible to join, Dues are $5, and requirements for remaining a member include (1) helping with the club's money-making projects, (2) maintaining a passing grade in French class, and (3) earning a minimum of five club service points.

French club is governed by a Representative Counci;, which is made up of its elected officers and one or two representatives from each French class. All club activities are proposed, planned, and implemented by this council, which is always looking for new activities and ways to promote the appreciation of French culture. It is open to the ideas of its membership, and all members are encouraged to be active and involved.

Seniors who have been the most active throughout their high school career in French Club activities are eligible to apply for French club's service scholarship, which, like academic scholarships, caries in amount from year to year depending on the club's other projects and funds.

French Club also has an Honors Division with higher grade point and service requirements. Members of this recieve certificates and are sometimes eligible to apply for an academic scholarship their senior year. Those who earn an "A" in 5 of the 6 semesters of French 1, 2, and 3 with no grade lower than a "B" receive a purple honor cord at graduation.

List of Activities:

  • Welcome breakfast at the beginning of the year
  • Movie/pizza parties
  • Paoli Peaks skiing
  • Valentine's breakfast
  • Mardi Gras party
  • Bloomington trip to eat at Le Petit Cafe
  • End of the year trip to a major amusement park
  • Christmas Adopt-a-Family project
  • Pet Picture contest to benefit Warrick Humane Society
  • Saturday work days at the Humane Society to do gardening and clean-up
  • Donation drive to collect supplies needed at the Humane Society

Meeting Dates:
D Rotation

Candy and Koeze's cashews


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