Castle High Guidance - Scheduling Your Classes

Scheduling for First Semester

Scheduling for first semester is typically done prior to spring break during the sophomore year.

Mrs. Fanok will distribute handouts, and junior enrollment information through the English classes. Students are encouraged to spend time with their parents looking over the material and course offerings.

The students will have a few days to look over the paperwork after the presentation and will need to be prepared to make their course requests.
Later in the spring, students receive a confirmation sheet of the courses they have selected. Changes to these course selections are to be turned in with a parent signature, by the last day of school. If no changes are submitted, it is assumed that the course selections are correct.
Changes must be turned in by the deadline on the confirmation sheet. Changes will only be made for reasons such as level placement correcting.

Scheduling for Second Semester

Enrollment for second semester is actually done at the same time as first semester with the exception of one semester courses. In November and early December Mrs. Fanok meets with all the supervised study classes to confirm second semester schedules. Students are allowed to change one-semester course offerings if there is room in the classes. Priority will be given to those who requested the course selection when first semester courses were scheduled.