Science Club Information

Club Name: Science Club Room 221

Sponsor Names: Tom Dahlquist and Jill Ohlsen

Description of the Club: Science club participates in competitions and occasionally sponsors other activities that promote science and science education. Our biggest competition is Science Olympiad. Science Olympiad is a science competition that involves a team of 15 students competing in 23 events that cover a range of science and engineering topics. There are general knowledge events like Picture This which is kind of like Pictionary with science terms or Experimental Design which tests student knowledge of the scientific method. Other events are lab centered events like Chemistry Lab, or Physics Lab which require that students to demonstrate lab skills that have been defined before the competition. Some events involve pencil and paper tests like Cell Biology or Disease Detectives. Other events require that students build something ahead of time and bring it to the competition. In Elevated Bridge, students build a wooden bridge that will be loaded to a maximum of 15kg. The winner will be the bridge that has the highest load to bridge mass ratio. Along with chemistry, physics, and biology, events will also test earth science, ecology and astronomy. In Science Olympiad, the entire team has to advance. Individuals don’t advance to the next level. Since events have two or three people from each team, most of the 15 members will participate in three or four events.

Science Club also has competed in two or three robotics competitions per year. Currently, Castle High School is using Vex robotics equipment. Ivy Tech State College has been instrumental in running workshops for teachers and sponsoring tournaments to promote robotics in Indiana. The designing, building, programming and troubleshooting of robots is a great engineering challenge for our team members and requires real higher order thinking. Some worry that the United States is becoming a country that doesn’t make anything. These tournaments are laying the groundwork for a future of robotics engineers.

Castle High School students have also participated in Science Quiz bowl. Science Quiz bowl is a national competition sponsored by the Department of Energy. Winners at the regional level advance (expenses paid) to the national tournament in Washington D.C. In 2007, Max Dahlquist, Zeryab Khan, Stephanie Wuerth, Theresa Niehaus, and Drew Hagen finished second at the regional but, as luck would have it, the first place team couldn’t attend the national tournament and our team, along with Mrs. Ohlsen, took their place. They had rich educational experience.

Science Club members have also attended trips to the bodies exhibit, the St. Louis zoo and to Sam Rhine genetics update conferences.

Science Club meets on the B and D club rotation schedules.