Castle High School Library - Teacher Assignments





Mr. Bracher - Othello Webquest

Mrs. Devine - Inherit the Wind Webquest

Mrs. Devine - Caesar webquest

Mrs. Devine - Fahrenheit 451 WebQuest

Mrs. Devine - School Uniform WebQuest

Mrs. Devine - VOCAB REVIEW

Korb & Recker - "1930s Research Project"

Mrs. Recker - Mayhem

Mrs. Recker - Lesson Plan Page


Family and Consumer Science



Create a graph

Geometry Problems and Puzzles


Geometry Puzzle

Geometry Forum

Cut the Knot

Dr. Shelby -

Dr. Shelby -



Mrs. Will - Cell Organelles Webquest


Social Studies

Ms. Hudson and Ms. Logsdon - 19th Century Reform Movements

Ms. Hudson and Ms. Logsdon - 2012 Presidential Election

Mrs. Odom -Investment Research

Mrs. Odom -Finanical Websites

Mrs. Odom - Shark Websites

Mrs. Odom - Invest Write Website