Transcript Request

Former students shall complete the Castle High School Transcript Request Form by filling in the appropriate information below. Please note, there is a $1.00 processing fee per transcript.

Current Name:
E-Mail Address:
Zip Code:
Phone Number:
Date of Birth:
Name at Time of Attendance::
Did You Graduate:

(If not, last date of attendance:

Year of Graduation:
Number of Transcripts Requested:
Will you pick up the transcript at school:

(If not, please provide more information in the special requests below)

If transcript will be picked up, name of person (photo ID required):
Special Requests:

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*Exact cash, check or money order made payable to Castle High School - $1.00 per transcript. A fee of $30 will be charged for insufficient check funds
**The request shall not be honored until payment is received.
***Allow a minimum of 5-7 business days from the date of our receipt for a response.