You and your child should keep in mind the guidelines which Castle North Middle School's teachers will be using when they make math placements in the spring. Grades and teacher recommendations are the criteria used to determine math placements. As educators, we realize that grade averages do not always indicate a true assessment of a child’s potential; therefore, the teacher’s observations of the student’s work habits, attitude, and maturity level will also be taken into consideration in placing your child in the appropriate level.

In 7th grade, we offer two levels, Math 7 and Honors Math 7. In 8th grade, we offer three levels, Math 8, Math 8 Advanced, and Algebra 1 Honors. Information was given to you in the New Student Packet on how your child could advance to the different levels offered.

Please refer to this flow chart to see the requirements for each math level. If you have any questions contact the counselor, Penny Titzer, or your child’s math teacher here at CNMS