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6th Grade Books
Language Arts  Login: cschool11 Password: v9n5u
Math  Login: CSMS Password: dragon6
Advanced Math  Login: dragon7 Password: dragon7
Science ThinkCentral Login: sixth Password: science
Social Studies Login: westernworld1 Password: b8k5v
6th Grade Homework Links
6th Grade Wyverns Website Username:  sixth Password:  science
Golden Dragons      

7th Grade Books
Language Arts castlesouth7 dragon
Math  Login: dragon7 Password: dragon7
Advanced Math  Access Code: E6829CFDB9  
Science ThinkCentral Cavaliers - Username: cavaliers Cavaliers - Password: science
Social Studies Login: csouth76 Password: csms16
(Teen Health Course 2 2005) Login: THCS22005 Password: bk3lma5sdf
7th Grade Homework Links
Cavaliers Marauders    

8th Grade Books
Language Arts Login: cdragons8 Password: b9d9p
Math  Login: csms8 Password: dragon8
Advanced Math Select Middle School Math. Select Indiana and then “go” choose the book in the bottom right corner
Algebra I  Login: dragon8 Password: dragon8
Science ThinkCentral Login: billnye
Password: thescienceguy
Social Studies Login: CSOUTH75 Password: s5z2n
(Teen Health Course 3 2005 ) Login: THCS32005 Password: msdfijsy42
8th Grade Homework Links
Ninja Turtles - Language Arts Ninja Turtles - Ninja Turtles - Science
Mr. Poole - Mrs. Rollins - Mr. Valentine - Ninja Turtles - Math