Youth First School Social Worker

Youth First provides 30 school social workers throughout Vanderburgh, Warrick, Posey, and Gibson counties.  Their mission is to strengthen youth and families through evidence-based programs that prevent substance abuse, promote healthy behaviors, and maximize student success.

Youth First school social workers reduce risk factors and increase protective factors related to substance abuse.  School social workers provide students and families with assessments, referrals to community resources and services, along with educational prevention and early intervention programs.

Social Workers work with students individually and in groups.  Common reasons students may get referred to the school social worker include:  social skills, depression, anxiety, anger management, academic issues, study skills, divorce, family problems, and behavioral problems.  Social workers also often give classroom presentations at school.  Presentation topics vary according to what is needed but could include:  peer pressure, bullying, friendship issues, and manners.

Some of the programs being offered at Castle South Middle School include:

Why Try
WhyTry© is an evidence-based program that emphasizes social and emotional learning for youth who are at risk. This program is for selected at-risk individuals and groups in 4th-8th grades. It is an excellent approach for youth who are unmotivated or have had poor academic success and low expectations of themselves.  The WhyTry materials provide simple hands on tools for helping youth learn important life skills such as: Anger Management, Problem Solving, Dealing with Peer Pressure, Living Laws and Rules, Building a Support System. 

QPR is an evidence-based program for suicide prevention.  Southern Indiana has a higher than state and national average rate of suicide.  Warrick County has had an alarming rate of suicide among teens until the last couple of years.  Suicide is the most preventable form of death.  In collaboration with Deaconess Crosspointe staff, QPR is presented each year to the student body.

Castle Cares Christmas Tree
Christmas can be a difficult and stressful time for many, especially in this economy.  Each year, students, families and staff have the opportunity to give to families who may be struggling financially through the annual Castle Cares Christmas Tree initiative.

Referral and Crisis management
Every family has issues arise at times that can be overwhelming.  Referrals to local community resources are available through the school social worker.

For more information on what your Youth First School Social Worker can do for you and your family please visit the Youth First website at:  or call their office at 812-421-8336.