John H. Castle Elementary Home/School Advisor

The purpose of the Home/School Advisor position is to perform a variety of duties in the advising of students, parents, and school corporation personnel in dealing with regular and special situations and maintaining the proper lines of communication with appropriate individuals and agencies and processing the paperwork involved.

Home/School Advisor's responsibility is to help guide students through education, social and/or personal problems. Some of the duties of the Home/School Advisor are to:

  • Counsel with students, individually and in groups
  • Responds to immediate needs of the students throughout the school year
  • Leads the General Education Intervention Team
  • Screens referrals to Special Education Department regarding student evaluations, discuss common cases with school psychologists;
  • Attends and actively discusses student concerns in case conferences
  • Liaisons with Warrick County Division of Family and children
  • Testifies in court, as needed
  • Enforces attendance policies; sends notices to parents, principals, and other appropriate parties
  • Attends and/or leads parent conferences/hearings
  • Coordinates Red Ribbon Week in October

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