NES Faculty Information

Fast Facts

The professional faculty and staff at Newburgh Elementary School provide a quality educational environment for the students in attendance.  The majority of teachers possess Master’s Degrees and a wealth of teaching experience.  The staff commits to continuous professional development to enhance their effectiveness and to further meet the students’ needs.  Adaptations are made within the classrooms to meet the individual needs of every student.

School Improvement Team

A committee of staff members, students, and parents meet monthly to develop ways to improve all areas of the school.  It is an advisory group that works cooperatively with all facets of Newburgh Elementary.  This committee has been in place since 1989.  The group includes teachers from primary and intermediate grades.  Special Education is also represented.

Faculty Directory

Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Sandy Jones
Ms. Kailey (Hall) Cohen
Mrs.Leah Hahn
Mrs.Heather Schnur

1st Grade Team

Ms. Cathy Forcum
Mr. Matt McIntyre
Mrs. Kim Moss
Mrs. Jennifer Ryan
Mrs. Patti Garcia

2nd Grade Team

Mrs. Cathy Brown
Mrs. Deena Green
Mrs. Susan Morris
Ms. Sherry Wrinn

3rd Grade Team

Mrs. Shanda Krantz
Mrs. Tina Krebsbach
Mr. Craig Parker
Mrs. Jenny Schmitt

4th Grade Team

Mrs. Lisa Butcher
Mrs. Robin McCamment
Mrs. Amy Winchester

5th Grade Team

Mrs. Lindsey Riehle
Mrs. Katlynn Voegel
Mrs. Julie Scaggs
Mr. Grover Towler


Mrs. Erin Purdue


Special Subject Teachers

Mrs. April Hopkins - Art
Mrs. Jill Dean - Music
Mrs. Stephanie Brown - Library Aide
Ms. Kaitlyn Marchino - Speech

Special Education Teachers:

Mrs. Kandace Batts- Developmental Kindergarten
Mrs. Allie Neumann - LD/Resource Teacher
Mrs. Kelsey Held - School Psychologist
Ms. Barrie Hughes - Life Skills
Mrs. Rachel Sarikie - Life Skills
Mrs. Tammy Kerchief - Life Skills
Mrs. Martha Alhieh - ELL
Program Assistants
Mrs. Megan Dant Mrs. Norma Fleeger
Ms. Allie Franklin Mrs. Cassie Allen
Mrs. Michelle Hopkins Mrs. Sally Lynn
Mrs. Robin McKinney Mrs. Margaret Carter
Mrs. Missy Patterson Mrs. Buffy Pellerito
Ms. Donna Redden Mrs. Michelle Reine
Ms. Tiffany Russelburg Mrs. Kara Welch
Mrs. Brandie Roca-Guess Mrs. Courtney Woodcox

Mrs. Stephanie Duncan

Mrs. Jenni Fite
Ms. Paige Fanok Mrs. Theresa Foley