About Oakdale Elementary

Fast Facts

Principal: Jamie Pryor
School Colors: Black & Gold
Mascot: Oaks
Enrollment: 508
School Hours: 8:00am-2:45pm

Oakdale Elementary School is located in Boonville, Indiana, the county seat of Warrick County.  The school serves students from a rural, close knit community which consists of single family homes, apartments, duplexes and farms.  The population of Boonville, Indiana is 6,834. The community consists of a population represented by several generations of families who have resided in Boonville, Indiana. As of the 2017-2018 school year, 95.3% of the student population served at Oakdale is Caucasian.  The remaining population includes 2% Hispanic and 2.4% multiracial students. The socioeconomic level of Oakdale’s clientele is low to middle and for the first time ever, Oakdale has more than 52.6% of its students on Free/Reduced Lunch.

Oakdale Elementary School houses kindergarten through fifth grade classes.  These classes include learning disabled, mildly mentally handicapped and emotionally disabled students.  Students are placed in the general education classes when such placement provides the student with an education in the “least restrictive environment” in compliance with Public Law 94-142.  Resource services are available for all learning disabled, mildly mentally handicapped and emotionally disabled students who need individual education plans in specified academic areas. Special classrooms are provided for students in kindergarten through fifth grade with severe emotional handicaps.  There is a Title I program, for grades kindergarten through fifth, which supports regular education by instructing groups of students and managing the standards based O.A.K.S. program. There is a full time social worker five days a week and a Youth First employee for three days a week.