Sharon Elementary Flexible Group

At Sharon, we are committed to helping all of our students succeed.  In our remediation program, we work with small groups to remediate early language arts and math skills. We currently use the DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) and TRC program to address language and reading comprehension and the mCLASS program to address math in K-1.  In grades 2-5 we use NWEA. We also utilize Star Reading and Math, benchmark writing prompts, and other informal and formal assessments to drive our remediation/flex groups.

All students receive instruction based on their mastery of the content.  The students who do not meet the benchmark (or desired) score will receive small group remediation daily with the remediation staff. During this flex time, all other students will be working in groups based on their instruction needs. Students demonstrating mastery will receive more challenging enrichment instruction. We refer to these as “flexible groups” because they will change every two weeks based on the skill or standard being targeted in Language Arts or Math.  

The DIBELS, TRC,  mCLASS, and NWEA assessments are used not only to drive remediation, but also the classroom teachers’ instruction. Both programs are useful tools which allow us to understand how to better meet our students’ needs.