About Tecumseh Middle School

Fast Facts

Principal: Keith Paige 
School Colors: Red, White & Blue 
Mascot: Braves
School Hours: 7:45am - 2:55pm

Tecumseh Middle School is located on a 15 acre tract two miles west of Lynnville on S.R. 68. The school contains grades 6-8 and serves 200 students. The staff consists of teachers, one full time counselor and one administrators.

The current Tecumseh building was opened in August of 2016. The lower and intermediate levels provide instructional spaces for industrial arts, business, two gymnasiums, swimming pool, music, art, library and general purpose classrooms. They also house space for the cafeteria and kitchen, auditorium, administrative offices, bookstore and building services.

The upper level contains a gymnasium, athletic rooms, home economics, a commons area and general purpose classrooms. Tecumseh Middle School provides a comprehensive curricular and extra-curricular offering for its student body.

Tecumseh Middle School Mission Statement

We believe that Tecumseh Middle School must uphold the highest expectations of students, administrators, faculty, support staff, parents and stakeholders. We realize that learning is a lifelong process; therefore, our mission is to create a learning environment in which our students demonstrate the improvement in all foundations of our educational systems.

School Song:

Go you Tecumseh, win this game tonight
With your colors flying we will back you as you fight, ra ra ra
Go you Tecumseh, fight for victory
Spread for the fame of our fair name
Go Tecumseh win this game
Tecumseh Go!




5300 State Rd 68 - Lynnville, IN 47619 - (812) 922-0122 - Fax: (812) 922-3608