Tennyson Elementary Curriculum


We are pleased to inform you of a new program implemented at Tennyson Elementary that is designed to help teachers positively affect every child’s education. The Acuity™ program, created by CTB/McGraw-Hill, is provided by Warrick County School Corporation to help teachers deliver individualized classroom instruction that improves student progress and achievement.

We chose Acuity to supplement our assessment program because we want to ensure children in our school are learning important skills required for academic success now and in the future. Acuity is available for Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies for grades 3-5, and is an assessment system with a unique focus on learning. The assessments are short, engaging, and designed to inform instruction. In our school, the Acuity assessments will not directly affect your child's grade. With Acuity, your child's teacher will receive detailed reports that outline all the important skills currently mastered by your child and/or those skills that still might need additional reinforcement. This vital information allows teachers to appropriately target and personalize instruction for your child and improve his or her learning.

Acuity also helps educators help your child by:

  • Building your child's confidence related to academics by orienting children to material that will be assessed throughout the school year.
  • Assigning instructional exercises based on individual and class results to give your child extra practice on important skills required for 21st century success.
  • Ensuring your child learns curriculum concepts taught this year and is academically prepared to move forward next year.

To learn how Acuity will positively shape your child’s learning experience, feel free to contact us at (812) 853-3349. In the meantime, we are confident you will see the benefits in your child’s education this year.