Yankeetown Cafeteria Information

Students will be assigned a Meal Magic account to which they can deposit money to purchase breakfast, lunch, milk, juice, and snacks from the cafeteria.  Students will make deposits to Meal Magic with the home room teacher. For more information about our Meal Magic program please click on the following link:


Students may make Meal Magic deposits in any amount and as often as daily in order to keep a positive balance in their meal account.  Students will be assigned a short account number, which they will key in when they reach the cafeteria cash register; doing so displays the student’s picture and account information to the cashier in order to ensure accuracy.

If your child will not be at school on time but will arrive in time for lunch, it is imperative that you call the school cafeteria before 10:00 A.M. so that a lunch can be reserved for your child.  Lunches can not be ordered after 10:00 A.M.  Parents are more than welcome to eat lunch with their children.  If you would like to have a school lunch with your child please call the cafeteria at 853-8500 at least one day in advance. 

If you feel that your child qualifies for free lunch, please fill out the free lunch application and return to school as soon as possible.  Remember – fill out one form per family, not per student. Applications and instructions can be found on our Food and Nutrition section on the corporation website.

Important note about allergies – if your child has a food or milk allergy we must have verification from a doctor on file.  A new verification is required each year.  An appropriate location to eat in the cafeteria will be provided for your child’s health.

Breakfast Program
The Warrick County School Food Services want to help the students start their day right by offering the breakfast program again this year.  The cost for a paid breakfast is $ 1.25.  Students who eat breakfast may enter the building at 8:05 A.M.  Students who ride a bus should go directly to the cafeteria to eat and then report to their room.  Being late to class from breakfast is not an excuse for being tardy.

The following are cafeteria prices —tray price includes milk:

Elementary Breakfast Tray---------$ 1.25 (weekly $ 6.25)
Reduced-Price Breakfast Tray-----$ 0.30 (weekly $ 1.50)
Elementary Lunch Tray------------$ 1.90 (weekly $ 9.50)
Reduced-Priced Lunch Tray-------$ 0.40 (weekly $ 2.00)
Adult Tray ------------------------$ 3.25
A la carte milk or fruit juice--------$ 0.40

Parents may choose to send lunch money with their children on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis if preferred.

Parents may contact the cafeteria manager to create a Family Meal Magic account which ties student account numbers together into one Meal Magic account.  Creating a family account allows parents who have more than one child attending Yankeetown Elementary to simply write one check or send one deposit which can be accessed by each child in the family.

Additionally—if they desire, parents may contact the cafeteria manager to place purchase limits on their child’s Meal Magic account—for example, one extra entrée per day, one snack per day, no snack purchases, etc.   The cafeteria manager can also provide parents a history of student purchases in necessary instances.

Student Lunch Charges

Daily charge slips are issued in the cafeteria for students who forget their lunch money. It is necessary to allow only ONE meal per student to be charged at a time.  **A charge must be paid the next day.**