School Support Staff

Boonville hosts one of the best staff in the state. Comprised of both secretarial and support staff members, these professionals keep the school running! See below for a listing of these dedicated staff members:

Office Staff Members:

  • Assistant Principal's Secretary: Mallory Virgin
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Krista Cohoon
  • Secretary: Renee Hunt
  • Clerical Aide: Kristen Walters

Guidance Staff Members:

  • Counselor & Test Coordinator Angie Gladish
  • Counselor Amy Ulrey
  • Counselor Elizabeth Rohl
  • Guidance Secretary Cassie Lashley
  • Social Worker Amanda Taylor

Athletic Staff Members:

  • Athletic Director: Kevin Davis
  • Assistant Athletic Director: Jim Miller
  • Athletic Secretary: Amanda McConnell

Support Staff Members:

  • Nurse: Brenda Hachmeister
  • Health Aide: Jo Ellen Whitaker
  • Health Aide: Charlotte Alysworth
  • Band Secretary:
  • Librarian: Clint Claypool
  • School Resource Office: Bryan McKain
  • Head Custodian Cheryl McDaniel
  • Maintenance Manager: Mathhew Rahm
  • Pools & Grounds Manager: Dan Emmons
  • Cafeteria Manager: MariBeth Chapman
  • WCSC Computer Technician: Randy Moore
  • Chromebook PD Trainer: Jeff Tron