Dress Code & Electronic Equipment Guidelines

Dress Code Guidelines:

Tops: Front of shirt limit, card length from collar bone.  Straps: card width.
Shorts/Skirts/Dresses: Card length above the kneecap when standing.
Pants: No holes, a patch may be sewn on. Tape is not a patch.
No leggings/jeggins/yoga pants.  These articles may be worn under another article of clothing; however, that article must meet the dress code.Violation will be change of clothing; two demerits up to suspensions.

Electronic Equipment:

Electronic equipment may only be used before and after school hours.Violation will be two demerits and confiscation by the administration.
Cell phones must be put away and turned off on school grounds. Cell phones must be left in the student's locker during school hours.Violation will be two demerits up to Saturday School(s), confiscation and parent pick-up of the cell phone.
No gum, candy, food or drinks in the classroom.  Exceptions may be granted with approval from the administration.

**STUDENTS MUST HAVE THEIR OWN AGENDA BOOK FILLED OUT AND SIGNED BY THE CLASSROOM TEACHER TO LEAVE A CLASSROOM.  Students who must leave the classroom and do not have an agenda book will be issued a pass by the teacher and given one demerit.