BMS Library Facts

Fast Facts

  • Over 15,000 books
  • Evansville Courier and Boonville Standard
  • Hours: 7:45am - 3:25pm
  • Use your four digit number assigned during library orientation to check out books
  • Loan five books at a time
  • Keep books for up to two weeks
  • Renew your books for an additional two weeks
  • Books may be renewed twice for a total possible check out period of six weeks
  • An overdue fine of $.05 per book will be charged for each day of attendance that your book(s) is not returned
  • Reference Books (encyclopedias) checked out for three days

When to Visit:

  • Study hall's weekly scheduled day
  • Language Arts class
  • Homeroom
  • Scheduled class time

Computer Use:

  • BMS library card catalog
  • Internet (with written permission and assignment from your teacher and within the guidelines of the WCSC Internet Use Policy)
  • Accelerated Reader testing


  • Read magazines and newspapers in the library only (not checked out)
  • Gum, candy, food and drinks are an automatic demerit
  • Keep conversations quiet
  • Keep all chairs, inside and out, flat on the floor
  • Return all materials to their proper place - If you are unsure where a book belongs, please return it to the check out desk
  • Return materials you have checked out on time or pay fines promptly to be allowed to continue to use the library during study hall, free time, LA and other scheduled classes

Special Notes:

  • Students who rip, tear, cut, write in or on library materials or furniture will not be allowed to use the library during study hall, free time, LA and other scheduled classes for the rest of the school year.
  • Students are responsible for the books they have checked out and will be charged for lost, stolen or damaged materials
  • A copy machine is located in the library where students can have copies made for $.10 each.