School Support Staff

Chandler Elementary School hosts one of the best staff in the state. Comprised of both secretarial and support staff members, these professionals keep the school running! See below for a listing of these dedicated staff members:

Support Staff Members:

  • Nurse: Mrs. Brenda Hachmeister
  • Health Aide: Mrs. Susan Vaughn
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs. Cheryl Amos
  • Speech Pathologist: Mrs. Katy Scales
  • Home/School Advisor: Mr. Brad Harrison
  • Clerical Aide: Mrs. Kristy Ayers
  • OT/PT: Mrs. Linda Kinkade
  • OT/PT: Mrs. Molley Gansman
  • OT/PT: Mrs. Kari Hunt
  • Youth First Counselor: Mr. Whitney Cloin
  • Psychologist: Mrs. Brooke Kroeger

Cafeteria Staff:

  • Cafeteria Manager: Mrs. Tamara Hardy
  • Mrs. Brittnay Brown
  • Mrs. Jeannine Downen
  • Mrs. Maria Fellows
  • Mrs. Ashley Hall-Thurman
  • Mrs. Lori Hamilton
  • Mrs. Jaime Stoldt
  • Mrs. Brandi Young

Custodial Staff:

  • Mrs. Lori Williamson
  • Mr. Dan Coleman
  • Ms. Debbie Kifer
  • Ms. Liz White
  • Mrs. Sue Derossett

Computer Support Staff:

  • Mr. Randy Moore - WCSC Computer Technician
  • Mrs. Linda Banks - Building Technology Coordinator