Chandler Parents and Teachers Activities

Book Fair (October)

Our book fair is a week long event. Scholastic Books will send a variety of books for all ages. Students will look at and purchase books during school hours. A family night is offered for anyone to come and purchase books. All profits go to the AR department for new books, tests, incentives, and rewards.

Dance (November)

This is a family event. We serve chili, hotdogs, chips, drinks, and dessert. A DJ will play fun, family songs plus do a hula contest for prizes. There is a ticket auction from donated items. All profits cover the cost of the event.

CPT Fundraiser (February)

This is the only event in which the CPT makes a profit. This is to pay for the major projects and activities that the CPT supports throughout the year. We will be selling World's Finest Chocolate Bars. We sell the bars for $1 and for every bar we sell, we received 50% profit. We made over $11,000 last year.

Communication Folders(August)

This event happens about a week before school starts. Volunteers assemble and stuff communication folders to be sent home the first day of school from the office.

Fabulous Fridays(Year Round)

Every Friday we pop popcorn and sell to students for $0.25 per bag. Once every month, there will be a special treat for the same price. All profits from Fabulous Fridays go to the athletic fund to purchase new uniforms and equipment.

DARE Program(November)

This is an event that the Warrick County Sheriff's Dept. does with our 5th graders. The CPT pays for all graduates of the program to have t-shirts, a graduation ceremony, and a cake and punch reception.

Donuts with Dad (October)

This is a new event. Donuts, juice and milk will be purchased and made available for breakfast before school. Any student ho brings their dad will enjoy breakfast together. Replacements for "dad" need to verified through the office.

Helping Hands (Year Round)

This is a great opportunity for parents and family members. There are 2 types of Helping Hands. The first is the traditional member who will work one day per week. You will be assigned to a grade level and will make copies, laminate, and work on any project a teacher in that grade needs help with. This give teacher more time in the classroom with your child. The second type of helping Hand is a school wide volunteer. This volunteer will assist with various events throughout the year (picture day, fine arts fair, etc) These are events that do not have specific committees but need volunteers. Being in the Helping Hand "pool" does not obligate you to every event and you can choose the ones your are able to participate in.

Internet Safety(September)

This is a new event. It is an informational event to learn better internet security for families.

ISTEP Brain Food (March & April)

We provide a snack for each student participating in ISTEP every day during testing.

Labels (Year Round)

We collect Nestle Pure Life Water, Campbell's Tyson, and Best Choice Labels. We send them to the companies and receive items for the school. At the end of each grading period, they are collected and volunteers count them. The classroom with the most labels wins a prize. At the end of the year, the class with the most labels wins a pizza party. A summer contest is also held. The class that turns in the most labels during the first week of school wins an ice cream party.

Muffins with Mom (March)

This is a new event. Muffins, juice and milk will be purchased and made available for breakfast before school. Any student ho brings their mom will enjoy breakfast together. Replacements for "mom" need to verified through the office.

Newsletter (Year Round)

A monthly CPT newsletter will come home with each student. Volunteers will contribute information to the newsletter.

Room Parents (December & March)

Every year we have a winter and spring party in each classroom. Room parents are responsible for the organization of the parties for their child's room. The 5th grade has joint winter, spring and graduation parties. Volunteers are needed. These parties are always a big hit!

Schnucks Reward Card (Year Round)

This is a new event for the CPT. Each time you shop at Schnucks, have the cashier scan your card and 1% of your total is donated to our school. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends can sign-up for this great program.

Senior Visit (May)

We invite all graduating seniors who completed their elementary years at Chandler Elementary to come back for a visit with teachers and staff. WE provide cookies and punch. This is a successful, positive, and fun event.

Spirit Wear(Early in School Year)

Every year we offer spirit wear. It will have the Chandler Logo and will be available in a wide variety of shirts and other articles.

Spring Festival (April)

This is a family event. We have games, inflatables, food and snacks. Traditionally, this is the largest event of the year. In the past, we have had a cake decorating contest, caked walk, auction and dinner. This event is getting a MAJOR make over this year and new ideas are welcome. Any proceeds from this event are used to pay for the event.

Teacher Appreciation Committee

Our teachers are very important to Chandler School and we want to show them how much we appreciate them. This committee will provide lunches, treats, and other fun things for the teachers throughout the year.

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon (May)

Lunch is provided for anyone who has volunteered their time to the CPT during the school year. Prizes are also given away.

Breakfast With Brad