Tecumseh High Administration

The administrative staff at Tecumseh High School is fully dedicated to maintaining an environment that is conducive to academic success for every student.

Mr. Jason Fischer


Mr. Fischer is entering his first year as the principal at Tecumseh High School. Prior to being a building administrator, Mr. Fischer began his educational career as an elementary teacher for eight years at Luce Elementary, in Richland, Indiana. He taught 8th grade U.S. History and then transitioned to the high school level as an AP World History instructor. Jason earned his Master's Degree in Educational Administration at Western Kentucky University. In 2014, he joined the Warrick County School Corporation as an EXCEL teacher at Boonville Middle School. Later in that same year, he served as the assistant principal at Chandler, John H. Castle, and Sharon elementary schools. In 2015 he transisitoned to the assistant principal at Castle South Middle School.

Jason and his wife, Amanda, live in Degonia Springs with their four children, Boyd, Karsten, Kyler, and Brandt. During his spare time, Mr. Fischer enjoys reading, gardening, and training his German shepherd, Fergie.

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