Child Preparedness

WEC offers classes to prepare students for life with a child

Reality Babies

The "Reality Baby" program is designed to give our students an opportunity to experience firsthand the responsibilities of caring for an infant. The computerized babies are programmed to simulate the needs of a real baby. The students take the computerized babies home over the weekend. The student wears a wrist band that is connected to the baby and a computer. The computer relays information such as when diapers are changed, feeding, etc. A printout shows the percentage of how the student performed with the baby. The student "mother" has to receive an 80% over the weekend to receive lesson credit. This gives the student an opportunity to see what "motherhood" is really like before actually taking on that responsibility.

Empathy Vest

The empathy vest is used by students to simulate the feeling of being in the third trimester of a pregnancy. During the three hours that the students wear the vest, they experience the daily physical challenges that the woman endures. The great thing about this is at the end of the day the students can take the vest off. It is wonderful for the dads to wear it and to see how it is to be pregnant. Lesson credit is given after wearing it for a day.

Prenatal Class

Prenatal classes are conducted over lunch hour and are open for any of our pregnant students and their significant others to attend. Mrs. Wasson is on the board of the Helping Hands, Inc. which allows her to give out vouchers for free diapers and baby wipes for their attendance in the class. (An additional bonus!!) We have guest speakers and classes and culminate the sessions with a tour of the delivery room at a local hospital.