OASIS Program

Oasis serves as an alternative to expulsion for Warrick County School Corporation 7th and 8th grade students. Classes are offered the core subject areas of mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies. In addition, a life skills class entitled "Why Try?" is conducted to provide students with skills necessary for being successful in their home school.

Admission into the Oasis program requires an intake interview with the administrator of the Warrick Education Center. During the interview, the guidelines, policies, and expectations are explained in detail to the student and parent(s).

An agreement will be signed by both the student and parent(s) indicating their commitment to being successful in the Oasis program. Failure to uphold that agreement may result in the student being removed from the Oasis program and referred back to the hearing officer for further determination of the student's educational placement.


Oasis is designed to help students develop better habits of working within the rules and regulations of the Warrick County School Corporation, to assist students in developing a better value system that will help them become productive citizens in the school and community, and to provide continuation of their education.


Students are expected to maintain appropriate behavior, attendance, and work habits while in the Oasis program.

Class Times:

Oasis classes are held in the morning from 7:30am-11am. Classes meet each day that the regular schools are in session.


Students will follow the curriculum of their regular school. The grades earned while attending Oasis will be averaged with the incoming grades from their regular school in order to determine a semester grade.

Return to Regular School:

Once students complete Oasis program, the Oasis staff will assist them in making a successful transition to their regular school program. The Oasis counselor will work with the regular school's staff in coordinating the student's return.