Programs Offered at WEC

High School Credit

This program consists of two three-hour sessions per day. Students elect to attend either the morning or the afternoon session. Students enroll in two high school credit classes at a time. The curriculum is based on a self-directed, self-paced approach whereby students must take more responsibility for the choices they make regarding their education. The students are able to receive high school credits in all core areas in addition to numerous elective subjects.

The prospective student shall be a least 16 years old and must go through the Warrick Education Center's admission process. Consideration will be given for high school students less than 16 years of age who have health concerns that prohibit them from being successful at their regular high school. The student enrolled in the three area high schools needs a recommendation from their high school principal, counselor, or designee. If a student is expelled from their regular high school, they must serve the expulsion before they would be permitted to enroll in the High School Diploma program. Students must comply with all rules, terms, and conditions of enrollment in the Warrick Education Center throughout the entire school year or they choose to remove themselves from the program.

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Oasis is designed to allow middle school students whose misbehavior has resulted in their being removed from their home schools the opportunity to remain in a structured educational program. The 3-hour program offers students instruction in the four core subject areas as well as a counselor-led curriculum in character education.

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Alternative to Expulsion (ATE)

The ATE program allows high school students whose misbehavior has resulted in their being removed from their home high schools the chance to regain some of the credits they would have lost that semester. ATE meets three hours in the afternoon and students follow a computer-based curriculum. Additionally, a Choices Program is conducted by the counselor.

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Credit Recovery Program

The CRP is an after-school program that offers high school seniors the opportunity to recover a previously failed class in order that they might be able to graduate on time. The computer-driven curriculum complies with the standards required by the state of Indiana Department of Education.

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High School Equivalency

The Warrick Education Center will also provide High School Equivalency Diploma preparation classes on a self-paced individual study basis. Students will take a pre-test to determine areas that need skill enhancement. Students work on those areas to prepare to successfully take the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) Test. Any student who is 17 years of age and not subject to compulsory attendance is eligible to take the tests. There are 5 subject areas in the TASC test: Writing Skills, Social Studies, Science, Literature & the Arts, and Mathematics.

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Computer Literacy Classes

The computer literacy classes are tailored to meet each learner's needs and goals. The instructor will work individually with each learner on the areas they wish to improve. Through a grant from the Southern Indiana Network for Education, the semester classes are free for adults in the county and are limited to 12 students. A waiting list is kept and students are taken into the class as other students exit.

Computer Literacy classes are offered at Castle High School on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 6:00-8:00pm.