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    Ensure your device is fully charged. In most cases this might take a couple hours, but in some cases, especially if the device has been off for a long period of time, charging can take much longer.

    Solution: Ensure your USB C charger is plugged into the device on the side with a status light. (This will be red or green depending on the charging level). If you see no light, locate the power brick on the charging cable, separate the brick from the cord that plugs into the wall, flip the cord and plug it back into the brick. If there are still no lights, leave the device for up to an hour. If there is still no status light or the status light is green but the screen is blank or not yet powered on, please contact your school to schedule a repair.

    Occasionally certain keys may become unresponsive or the mouse pad will not take commands.

    Solution: This is a simple fix. Pressing the Cycle+Power.

    Solution: sign out of your session. At the log in page select the arrow next to your name and select remove user. Once this process completes, log back in. No data will be lost during this process.

    Hey, it happens. Liquid damage is typically permanent and will require replacement. This is covered under the accidental policy if you opted into the insurance, otherwise it is a full device replacement cost. IT IS HIGHLY ADVISED FOOD AND DRINK NOT BE NEAR YOUR DEVICE.

    Solution: A clean, lightly dampened cloth is recommended. We do not recommend using any solution other than water as this may cause damage to the screen, and keyboard. This would NOT be considered accidental damage and would be a billable replacement.

    Sometimes chrome just gets confused, removing your user profile and logging back in solves most problems!

    Solution: Log out. Next to your username select “Remove User”. Log back into your account and your profile should sync back. No data should be lost.

    Unfortunately, WCSC is unable to provide support for home network issues. As you can imagine, there are an impossible number of problems associated with diagnosing a network problem on someone else's network. If you feel the issue is the device, you are welcome to bring it to the school, however if the device connects at school, we cannot assist you further.

    Contact your school, and let them know of your problem, be sure to have your device serial number handy, this is located on the white sticker on the lid, the manufacturer sticker on the bottom of the device and can be seen on the screen by pressing ALT+V from the login screen. Provide your serial number and a time to exchange and we will have a device waiting for you and ready in the office!

    WCSC offers chargers at a reduced cost at either your bookstore or your office for $15/unit. Please have a check or cash available when you seek to pick up your charger.

    That all depends on if you purchased insurance or not. Accidental insurance costs $20 and covers a wide range of accidents.

    But what if I don’t have insurance?
    The cost is broke down based on the repair:
    Screen: $32
    Keyboard: $68
    Device: $187.70

    YES! As long as they are approved. Approved apps will be available in the “WCSC Approved Apps” section of the Chrome Web Store

    • Students K-12 cannot send out to or receive from external emails. This ensures your child is only able to communicate with other @warrick.k12.in.us emails.
    • ALL email, Docs, and Shares are logged and retrievable.
    • ALL email, Docs, and Shares are monitored for Suicidal, inappropriate, violent, and bullying content.
    • Students 6-12 utilizing a Warrick County School Corp Chromebook are further protected by a 24hr monitoring service complete with Internet content filtering, and device content monitoring.

    Sign out of your session. At the log in page select the arrow next to your name and select remove user. Once this process completes, log back in. No data will be lost during this process.

    This indicates the Google Meet has not been started by your teacher or a different meeting code is in use. Please contact your teacher for help.

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