About John H. Castle Elementary School

Principal: Marty Watson
Assistant Principal: Adam Schmitt

School Colors: Blue, White and Gold
Mascot: Pages
Enrollment: 975
School Hours: 8:20am - 3:05pm

John H. Castle Elementary is a family-oriented school with a tradition of academic excellence. John H. Castle Elementary School, located in the central part of Ohio Township in the southwestern section of Warrick County was opened in 1965. Originally a K-8 school, Castle Elementary now houses kindergarten through fifth grade and is a feeder school to Castle North Middle School and Castle High School. Our school colors are blue, white and gold, and our mascot is the Pages. The school was named after John Henry Castle, a
local farmer who sold the land our school resides on to the Warrick County School Corporation.

With approximately 975 students and 75 faculty and support personnel, we are able to get to know your children as individuals. Our teachers design lessons that are intellectually engaging, requiring students to think and reason. Some of the programs utilized by teachers and staff to ensure all students succeed are: Accelerated Reader, DIBELS, NWEA, Math Seeds, Map Skills, Typing Tutor, Prodigy, Response to Intervention, and Character Counts. Castle Elementary has continually been honored a ‘4 Star’ school from the state of Indiana.

Staff and students are encouraged to utilize technology to facilitate the learning process. Internet accessible classroom computers, iPads, mobile laptop computers, Promethean boards, LED projectors, and document cameras are available for teacher/student use. In addition, three computer labs equipped with thirty two networked computers, laser printers, and scanners support the instructional program. The school offers athletic programs and a variety of extra-curricular activities which complement the community based programs. An active student council provides programs and opportunities for service to others.

A strong and active parent teacher organization is an essential component of John H. Castle Elementary. Parents can be found throughout the school participating in classroom activities, school related functions, and assisting teachers and students on a daily basis.