Yankeetown Athletic Information

If athletics are to be a part of the general education program of the student, then they must have clear, well-defined objectives.  Interscholastic athletics should not have as their primary objective the entertainment of the community or student body or the raising of funds to support the program or any other phase of the educational process.  Too often, these purposes outweigh the worthwhile objectives developed by the administrator and physical educator.  The following are the objectives of Yankeetown Elementary athletic program:


  1. Create an interest in athletics.
  2. Provide an exposure to all types of athletics.
  3. Provide the fun and enjoyment of participating in a team sport.
  4. Help to develop constructive attitude, loyalty, and dedication.
  5. Provide a sense of identification and belonging.
  6. Provide a feeling of responsibility to your school and to yourself.
  7. Provide for the recognition of effort and excellence.
  8. Bring together classes and classmates who may be separated by the school curriculum.
  9. Bring together students, parents, teachers, and the general public in the educational process.
  10. Create an atmosphere and respect for hard work.
  11. Create and foster a desire to excel.
  12. Develop fundamental skills in each sport.
  13. Provide a clean and wholesome attitude and atmosphere in which to compete.
  14. Provide a natural outlet for students desiring to participate on teams through the means of competition with other teams of similar ability.
  15. Assist in the development of school and student morale.
  16. Teach and develop good individual, team, school and community sportsmanship.
  17. Develop ideals of self-sacrifice and denial.
  18. Provide a situation in which a physically-gifted student will have the opportunity to participate with students who have like gifts.
  19. Further the development of the health of each student so that he/she will be contributing member of society.
  20. Develop skills that have carry-over value in terms of worthy use of leisure time.

Fifth Grade Sports

Girls Volleyball
August - September. Girls volleyball is offered to 5th grade girls during the fall.  The team is comprised of an "A" and "B" team. 
Volleyball Rules

Boys Basketball
October - November. Boys basketball is offered to 5th grade boys during the fall. The team is comprised of an "A" and "B" team.
Basketball Rules

Girls Basketball
January - February. Girls basketball is offered to 5th grade girls during the winter. The team is comprised of just an "A" team.
Basketball Rules

Track & Field
March - May. Boys and girls track is offered to 4th and 5th grade girls and boys during the spring.
Track & Fields Rules
5th Grade Warrick County Track Records

Cost for games:
$.50/Elementary Student

Intramural Sports for Grades 3-4-5

Students in grades third, fourth, and fifth are invited to participate in informal, structured intramural activities arranged during the athletic off-seasons.  The schedule for these intramural opportunities will be determined by the sponsor and school principal.  Sign-up information will be sent out during the school year.