Reminder:  Student immunization records are required.  Parents should submit student immunization records to the school or contact the school nurse to confirm pending immunization appointments. 
Immunization Requirements

NEW  2014-2015 Immunization Requirements affect incoming Kindergarten, 6th, and 12th grade students.
Two doses of Hepatitis A vaccine (Hep A) are required for all students entering Kindergarten AND  One dose of a meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4) is required for incoming 6th grade students and one booster dose of MCV4 is required for students in grade 12.


Need an Alternative?
Look at what the Warrick Education Center High School Credit Program has to offer:
 - Flexible Schedule
 - Self Paced Curriculum
 - Small School Environment
 - Work Study Credits
Call 858-4309 for an appointment or check us out at

Warrick County School Corporation earns an 'A'

We are pleased to announce that the Warrick County School Corporation has earned the highest category placement in the Indiana Department of Education’s annual accountability of schools.  Warrick County has earned an “A”
The “A-F” school grading category is part of the Indiana’s school accountability program known as P.L. 221 based on student performance on the ISTEP tests as well as improvement on those tests.
We want to thank all teachers, students, parents, staff, and community members for all your hard work!!

Rewards for Good Report Cards

Check out rewards for good report cards offered by area businesses. Click here

Superintendent News

View  updates on activities, school events, construction projects, and other educational matters that are affecting our schools and our corporation.
Click to view the latest edition - February 10, 2015

To view archived editions, please click here

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Oakdale is currently doing practice testing for the ISTEP+ test this week.  The ISTEP+ testing will take place next week for grades 3 through 5.  Please be sure to try to schedule any appointments for another time, if they fall during that week.

Things you can do to help your students during testing week are make sure they get in bed in time to get a full night's sleep, get them up in the mornings early enough to feed them breakfast and remind them to do their best.

This week we are having a SUPER week to pump up the students before taking the test.  They are our Super Heros!  Monday was Super Character day (wearing Character Counts colors), Tuesday is Super America day (wearing Red, White and Blue), Wednesday is Super Smart day (wearing college T-shirts/Sweatshirts), Thursday is Super Fan day (wearing Black & Gold for school spirit), and Friday is Super Hero day (wearing a Super Hero T-shirt or cape).  All of our students are SUPER HEROS.  They work hard every day to be the best they can be!


We have now used up more days for inclement weather than were built into our school year.  As of this time, one additional day has been added to the end of the 2014-15 school year.  This makes the last day of school for students Tuesday, May 26, 2015.


AR Family Night has been Rescheduled for Thursday, February 26 at 5:30 - 7:00 pm.   Bring your child to Oakdale's Library to read some books and test for AR points!  The last day to AR test for this grading period is Friday, March 6.  The Dinosaur AR party will be held on Friday, March 13 for those meeting their goals!

Book Rental Payment Plan -

The 3rd payment of Book Rental was due on February 17th, for those parents utilizing the Payment Plan.

Good News Club

Good News Club is coming to Oakdale again.  This time the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades are invited to attend.  They meet on Mondays from 2:55-4:15.  Students must have a permission slip to attend.

OPT Meeting - Parent Attendance Goal!

Please help us meet Mrs. Pryor's OPT parent attendance goal of 40 parents at an OPT meeting!  We would love to pack the house with Oakdale parents!!!!!  Our next OPT meeting will be Tuesday, March 10, at 6:30 pm.

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