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Athletic Information

Athletic Programs and Information

High School Athletic Programs

We are very pleased to introduce our newest athletic stadium, the Castle High School Natatorium. Castle sponsored teams, as well as the Newburgh Sea Creatures are already taking advantage of what some are calling the best high school swimming facility in the state of Indiana.

In addition, Castle High School offers students opportunities to involve themselves in twelve different sports with 31 teams for girls and boys. More than 500 students participate in the athletic program in over 350 interscholastic contests held each year. Boonville High School sports a beautiful football stadium, a 400-meter, 6 lane track, five lighted tennis courts, a baseball and softball field, and an indoor practice facility that is located north and west of the main building.

Opened in 1982, Tecumseh High School proudly supports its athletic programs, offering students and the community multiple sports-related opportunities.

Middle School Athletic Programs

Castle North offers numerous athletic team programs that provide students with an opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities, which enable the students to receive a well-balanced education.

Boonville Middle School offers a main gymnasium that features seating for 710. The school’s football, soccer, and track facilities feature an 8-lane track, 500 seat bleacher area, concession stand, tennis courts, practice football and soccer fields, and storage area.

Although just constructed in 2009, Castle South is quickly making a reputation for it's excellence in athletic opportunities. School and communities-sponsored activities actively utilize the new facilities that Castle South now provides.

Elementary School Athletic Programs

School and communitiy-sponsored athletic programs take advantage of Warrick County's elementary facilities all year long.

The gymnasiums and campus facilities are a welcome resource for all elementary-aged students.