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Contact Directory

Contact Directory

Refer to the table below to contact support staff personnel. Fax numbers for all corporation buildings can be found at the bottom of this page. If you need assistance, call 812-897-0400.

  • Name Position Phone Number
    Todd Lambert Superintendent 812-897-6050
    Laura Voegerl Admin Assistant to the Superintendent 812-897-6050
    Todd Armstrong Assistant Superintendent 812-897-6036
    Kim Gilmour Assistant Superintendent Secretary 812-897-6036


  • Name Position Phone Number
    Abbie Redmon Curriculum Director 812-897-6037
    Kala Russell Elementary Learning Specialist 812-897-6037
    Erin Stallings Secondary Learning Specialist 812-897-6037
    Christina Zeller Curriculum Secretary 812-897-6037


  • Name Position Phone Number
    Walter Lambert Director of Student Services 812-897-0400
    Jaci Turner Admin Assistant to the Director of Student Services 812-897-0400


  • Name Position Phone Number
    Terry Raider Director of Technology 812-897-6577
    Diane Maday Synergy Support Specialist 812-897-6577


  • Name Position Phone Number
    Doug Gresham Director of Human Resources 812-897-6588
    Brenda Brown Human Resources Secretary 812-897-6588
    Cindy Bruner Receptionist 812-897-0400
    Susan Vaughn Subfinder Help Desk 812-897-6035


  • Name Position Phone Number
    Shenae Rowe Food & Nutrition Director 812-897-1341
    Allison Robison School Nutrition Specialist 812-897-1341
    Jill Barnett Food & Nutrition Secretary 812-897-1341


  • Name Position Phone Number
    Bryan Flowers Manager of Maintenance 812-897-0470
    Gary Johnson Manager of Custodial Services 812-897-0495
    Greg Webb Manager of Transportation 812-897-0495


  • Name Position Phone Number
    Jasmine Donnelly Accounts Payable 812-897-6040
    Amy Smith Deputy Treasurer
    Payroll Facilitator - Non-Certified
    Nancy Lumley Treasurer 812-897-6040
    Angie Barr Payroll Manager - Certified 812-897-6039
    Amanda Vollman Benefits Facilitator 812-897-6038


  • Name Position Phone Number
    Tish Wagner

    Director of Special Education

    Judy Seib Special Education Secretary 812-897-6578


Building Fax Numbers

  • School Fax Number
    Boonville High School 812-897-6061
    Castle High School 812-853-9886
    Tecumseh High School 812-922-3608
    Warrick Education Center 812-858-3420


  • School Fax Number
    Boonville Middle 812-897-6584
    Castle North Middle 812-858-1089
    Castle South Middle 812-490-7925
    Tecumseh Middle School 812-922-0125


  • School Fax Number
    Elberfeld Elementary 812-897-6584
    John H. Castle 812-983-4221
    Loge Elementary 812-897-6052
    Lynnville Elementary 812-922-5646
    Newburgh Elementary 812-853-6866
    Oakdale Elementary 812-897-6049
    Sharon Elementary 812-853-6955
    Tennyson Elementary 812-567-4715
    Yankeetown Elementary 812-858-1296


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