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WCSC Employee News:

Updated W-4 Required

The WCSC Payroll Department will be sending out requests from Records via email to all employees who have not submitted a new W-4 in the past 2 years. Due to major changes in 2020 from prior versions, please read through the instructions carefully and consult your tax professional if you have any questions.

If you receive this request, please follow the link and complete the W-4 as soon as possible. We would like the new W-4 to be submitted no later than 8/12/22.

If you need assistance with Records, please contact Brenda Brown in the Human Resources Department.

The Payroll Department will be processing the newly submitted forms as we receive them. Please review your pay stubs in the weeks following the submission to check that your withholding is what you expected. If you need assistance with Doculivery, please contact the Payroll Department.

For those that do not receive a request from Records, no action is needed at this time. 


Payroll Links


Electronic access to view pay stub information

Doculivery Quick-Start Guide

Instructions for logging into the Doculivery system

Direct Deposit Form

Enroll to have your paycheck directly deposited to your bank

W-4 Form

Complete Form W-4 so that your employer can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay.

WH-4 Form

Complete Form WH-4 so that your employer can withhold the correct state and county income tax from your pay

Payroll Calendar

2022 Payroll Calendar

2023 Payroll Calendar

2022-23 Sub Payroll Schedule

2022-23 Attendance Calendar


Alternative Banking Options offered by Fifth Third Bank

For those employees without access to a traditional bank account.


Angie Barr
Certified Payroll Facilitator

Amy Smith
Non-Certified Payroll Facilitator

(812) 897-6039