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Corporation History

Looking Back

The Warrick County School Corporation was organized on January 1, 1962, formed under Chapter 202, Indiana Acts of 1959 as amended, and by the efforts of the parents and educators of the area. Ten school systems were merged into a single unit. A seven member board was elected at the May primary and became the school's governing body January 1, 1962.

School Information:

The county's school corporation consists of 17 schools (three high schools, four middle schools, and ten elementary schools and one alternative school). In the Fall of 2009, the corporation transitioned from the Junior High system to the Middle School system, with the addition of one middle school (Castle South Middle School) in the Castle District. Warrick County middle schools are now composed of grades six through eight.

School Board:

The Board of School Trustees is elected by non-partisan ballot. (Members must have resided in Warrick County for one year.) No more than two residents of the same civil township can serve on the Board at the same time. If a Board member moves out of Warrick County, his/her office becomes vacant and is filled as provided by law.